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Our Services
 Remove the stress of accounting from your to-do list.

The Value of Our Services 

Accounting plays a vital role in the success of your business. It entails tracking income and expenditure,
safeguarding your assets, statutory compliance and providing investors, management, and regulators
with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.

Your financial records are the most critical documents of your business. They allow you to understand
in an objective way, how well your business is doing. Accurate and up to date financial records help you
track expenses, manage debt and maintain profitability. Budget analysis allows you to understand
trends year over year and adjust your operations accordingly.


Products & Solutions

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and maintaining accurate accounting records is the first critical step in supporting the infrastructure of your business. ESL can start with you from ground zero, ensuring that your books are properly set up to capture your financial transactions and work with your company to maintain your
accounting system on an ongoing basis.

Financial Reporting

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes, find themselves in need of financial statements. Whether it is for management, ownership, investors, your banking institution or your lending institution, accurate and timely financial reports are a critical document that a company should maintain over the years. ESL can assist whether it is a simple management report needed to assess cash flow or a complete set of financials needed by a lending institution to facilitate a significant loan. Reporting of both the financial position and the financial operations provides a decision making tool no business should be without.

Outsourced Payroll

The human resources of a company are its most important asset. Undoubtedly, if your employees are not happy, your business will suffer. For this reason, getting payroll wrong is not only not an option, but can be extremely costly. Outsourcing the payroll function with ESL can be helpful, when management just does not have the time to pay attention to the details. Maintaining policies that are in accordance with Bahamian labour law, tracking vacation days, tracking sick days, filing National Insurance, and of course preparing and disbursing payroll are all critical tasks that can be performed by ESL.

Tax Filing

Taxes- the necessary evil. ESL stays current with tax legislation (both Value Added Tax (VAT) and
Commercial Entities Substance Reporting Act (CESRA) so that we ensure our clients remain compliant. We are able to assist companies with VAT registration, ensuring that your books are properly set up to track and capture VAT information, preparation and submission of VAT filings.

Financial Certifications

As a BICA Licensee, our Principal is authorized to certify financial statements for the issuance of Business Licenses. Additionally, certifications are often required for international credit facilities, which ESL can also provide.

Business Plans

The Business Plan is a written document that describes in detail how your business defines its objectives and how it plans to go about achieving those goals. We help to develop business plans that lay out a roadmap with analytical financials and projections, marketing plan, competitive analysis, operations and
strategic plan.

Attestation Services

The demand for independent verification of financial information is becoming increasingly important,
especially with the seemingly exponential growth in global fraudulent activities. Whether it is a review,
an audit, or a specific procedure that is needed we are able to deliver. As a licensee of the Bahamas
Institute of Chartered Accountants, our Principal has the professional credentials to provide the services


Our Promise To You

Ethical, Affordable and Reliable accounting and tax services that meet the needs of your business. Value
that you can see and feel every time you do business with us.

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